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Cry Havoc Tips anyone?

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I like to send the first platoon over the ford into the objective on the right flank. Load them up with javelins and clear this area first. It prevents some of the fire into your flank when crossing the bridges and allows you to interdict his reinforcements. (Use your artillery for a bombardment before entering the town.) Do not use your UAVs until you get the Tunguskas. Hopefully your artillery can get one in this area; if not, your javelins will do the job.  If possible, move your first platoon Bradleys over the bridge to reinforce the infantry. Use smoke as necessary.Use your remaining force to attack the objective on the left. Use your air assets when you get at least one of the Tunguskas. Your tanks and Bradleys provide a lot of firepower to help clear buildings - use them as much as possible and conserve your infantry.  Short version, but it does work.

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