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On 8/16/2018 at 12:30 AM, Mord said:

I Hope you guys like what you see. I think it's the best work I have ever done.


Im a big fan of your portraits mods, the insignia of individual units really adds to the immersion for me.  These new ones really blows everything else away! A must have mod.  

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For nigh on ten years now my biggest projects have always been my portrait mods. I have invested weeks and months on end, that have added up to hundreds and hundreds of hours of time and frustration c

This is clearly the definitive one...    

ie God-like and deserving of worship and human sacrifice...  

Posted Images

@Fizou  I was wondering when you'd drop by. Thanks, brother. Did you notice the Ruskies even get some minor formation insignia this time? Brand new to this mod.

You can follow the main conversion for this mod on the RT forum. There are some updates not seen here. Mainly a much better Heer armor portrait.



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2 hours ago, Erwin said:

Brilliant...  Thank you...

You're welcome.


1 hour ago, Placebo said:

Damn those new portraits look great.  Big improvement let us all know when they are ready!!

Thanks, man. The RT base mod shouldn't be all that much longer.

There are updated pics here:




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A bit OT, but I'm having trouble with your portrait mod for FB.  I've got it up and running for FI so it isn't an installation issue.

Trouble is, the mod won't show up in winter settings.  Your portraits show up fine for autumn battles.  

Yes....it's the last mod loaded.  Yes, I've picked out only one of each type (infantry, armor etc.)

I'm totally mystified here. 

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Ahh, yeah. I forgot that they changed things with tags when I created that. You'll need to add a space then  [snow] at the end of the file name.

Ex: A winter background picture becomes "portrait german infantry [snow]" minus the quotation marks.

You will actually be able to have two of each portrait in the mods folder now without them canceling each other out.

portrait german infantry

portrait german infantry [snow]

The snow background will only show up in scenarios where there is snow on the ground. Any other portrait named portrait german infantry will show up when there isn't snow.

If you wanted to use portraits with say the flag background, all the time, you'd have to make two copies of them and add the [snow] tag to one (as above).

I will make sure to address this when I get around to updating the FB mod to my new style. And will make sure it's all set in the FI & RT module mods.



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