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The difference between heavy and light air support

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I noticed that for Air Support you can choose between heavy and light. I understand that for artilley that difference is referencing the volume and intensity of the said fire mission. However, in terms of air support the difference is quite clear. So does light air support  primarily target infantry, while heavy air support prioritizes vehicles or does it function the same way artillery? 

Thanks in advance 

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48 minutes ago, hypeman said:

So does light air support  primarily target infantry, while heavy air support prioritizes vehicles  

There are three types of air missions: Light, Medium & Heavy.  This refers to the ordnance to be used.  Light = bullets Heavy = bombs.  Medium is a combination which I think may include rockets. 

For UAVs (drones) there can be up to three types of missions (Gray Eagle) Observe, Heavy and light.  Heavy may fire all four Hellfires.  Light may fire two Hellfire missiles.  The Gray Eagle carries a total of four Hellfire missiles.  

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6 hours ago, Michael Emrys said:

For helos Heavy=AT Rockets. I suspect, but haven't tested, Medium might=AP Rockets. Light=Cannon.


I did a quick test using the US Apache helicopter.  The Apache is armed with the following weapons in four different quantities depending on the load out chosen:

30mm HEDP

70mm HE

Hellfire ATGM

A Point Target against a building was used. For a light mission 30mm HEDP was used.  For a heavy mission Hellfires were used.  For a medium mission Hellfires were also used.  After all Hellfires were expended on a heavy mission then the Apache used a combination of 70mm HE and 30mm HEDP.  So it also depends on what the helicopter (Apache in this case) has available.  If the Apache is given a heavy mission but only has 30mm HEDP left it's going to fire the 30mm.  

I didn't do in-depth testing with the Apaches but it seems the mission types Light, and Heavy will get you just that as long as the AI still has light and heavy.  It suspect medium gives the AI some autonomy over which ordinance to choose.  Medium may be best for a large Area Target type missions when you don't know if the helicopter will spot infantry, light armor. armor or soft skin.   


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