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Path Finding after Breaching the Wall

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9 hours ago, melm said:

This happens frequently for me playing CMBS. The breach team doesn't want to enter the room from the newly destroyed wall, but somewhere else that I can't tell. 

This normally happens due to an elevation change.   Which means there's an elevation mismatch between the ground your engineers are on and the ground floor of the building they're trying to enter.   I can't tell from your screenshot but this elevation mismatch would be my first guess.  You can usually tell when there is an elevation mismatch because one or more sides of the building is sunk into the terrain.  In my TACSOP for Blasting one of the first things I do is to check the building to see if it is sunk into the terrain at all.  If it is I plan accordingly.   

Generally with engineers or an infantry breach team I try to time the Blast (WEGO) so the Blast occurs at or near the end of the turn.  ( Example: Regular engineers take 15 seconds to Blast.  So if they are given a 45 second Pause the engineers will wait 45 seconds and then Blast just as the turn ends.)   Next turn I will generally have an infantry fire team (Assault team split from Administrative commands) enter the room and cancel the engineer's movement order into the room.  This helps to preserve the engineers for their specialty jobs.  If it's an infantry breach team instead of actual engineers I will let them clear the room. 

Also having the Blast occur near the end of the turn gives the player (WEGO) a chance to intervene if the troops are going to do something unwanted like run around the building to use the front door.   It can be very frustrating to watch them do something suicidal for 40+ seconds before you are able to intervene.....:o.  

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