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New computer - do I need to unlicense?

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No. The new licensing system used by everything other than the original shock force does not need un-licensing. The new system has some number of activations allowed stored in the license server. Once you hit that you will not be allowed to license it but you can contact support and get more. Way back I remember that the initial number was 4. Bottom line is that most likely you will license the games on the new machine and all will be well. If not then open a support ticket and they will sort things out.

New support link is here: https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/ click on the blue new ticket button

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Sorry for my english, i'm a french player...

I have a new pc and I would like to know if I can copy the different Combat Mission's files (with a usb key) from my old computer to my new pc? Is it possible?

All my games (Normandy, Italy, Black Sea, Red Thunder, Final Blitzkrieg or CMSF1) are complete and up to date. If i can avoid all the installation and activation procedures, i will be happy...

Thank you in advance for your answers

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Copying the files will not prevent the need to activate the licenses. It may be possible to copy the files but your chances of getting something setup incorrectly go up. 

Since copying will not circumvent the activation you gain nothing. I would use the full installers and let the install program do the work.

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