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Canadian Defense - CMSF 2 BETA AAR #2 (Quick Battle)

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Initial situation This AAR is being played using the Quick Battle system from the v4 engine in the new version of Shock Force. We are playing a Red probe with Bil taking the Syrians vs Canadians

Minute 155: Orders No new orders are being given. I thought that it would be interesting to see the information flow so the following are some screen shots to show that. Starting with the sc

Breaking away for a moment from the "Canadians who made it onto US cultural radar" banter, is this map new or a reboot (with water) of a CMSF1 map? Either (pronounced "eye-ther") way, a litt

Posted Images

Minute 1:56-1:55:

MCpl Ray Morrison’s team make it to the edge of the ravine. Looking back and resting they can see a smoke screen forming. The enemy appears to be setting up to assault their previous position. They can rest there before continuing rearward.



The 81mm mortar rounds coming down on the ATGM position.



The observers from 15 Platoon watching a BMP speeding along the desert floor heading to some high ground opposite KT3. It should probably have a designation as well – make it KT11. It is possible the enemy is planning to use that location to spot the tanks on KT3.



A view with icons on showing the tank positioning and the enemy activity.



Here is the situation as is known now. There are tanks and mechanized infantry ready to assault Rutsey. The enemy move south has stalled because they detected my ambush. They appear to be positioning themselves to deal with the ambush.



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Minute 155: Orders

No new orders are being given. I thought that it would be interesting to see the information flow so the following are some screen shots to show that.

Starting with the scouts of 15 Platoon. They can see enemy vehicles in their assembly area and they have contacts just outside the ambush zone.



15 Platoon HQ has a pretty good representation of the scouts information.



The company CO has a bit less but still the basic picture.



The tanks in 18 troop have nothing yet. I see, however that there is a break in the comms because they have no contact with E squadron (not on the map). I did not check the HQ tank when I took these screen shots.



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Minute 1:55-1:54:

Not much to report this turn – some movement and observer lost sight of the BMP heading to KT 11. So here are some missing shots from earlier.

The view of what Troop 18 HQ knows. Between the end of the last turn and this turn the comms were restored to E Squadron. Must have just been a temporary radio issue. I will be watching to see if the information flows up and back down.



Here is one of Bil's T62s up close.



Minute 154: Orders

I decided that I did not like my FO team so far forward so this moves them back (and keeps them off the balcony).



One of the tanks on KT3 has spotted infantry on the opposite hill – near KT11 but they cannot get a clean shot. A slight reposition will fix that.


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Minute 1:54-1:53:

Over at Rutsey tanks are driving through the field.



Our tank over on KT3 takes the shot...



... and makes the kill.



The the other tank in the section spots that fast moving BMP and tries to get it on the move, hitting a tree instead.



Then the action switches back and more infantry appear at the edge of the hill and the turn ends with bullets flying for one tank and the main gun being reloaded for the other.



The BMP in the scrub.



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Minute 153: Orders

Based on the relative activity I changed my mind again about the FO. They cannot use TRPs to call fire on Rutsey so they need eyes on. Also in this shot is the call time for a non TRPs call to the 105s for the FO.



For reference the call time for the Mortar platoon HQ is just as bad as the section leader on KT3.



And same for the CO.



No orders for the tanks on KT3 – the know what to do.



The sniper team is facing a mechanized assault – so time to really go. Pull back and ford the river, rest and head for the trees.


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Minute 1:53-1:52:

This was a fairly eventful turn starting with one of the tanks at KT3 taking out another of the enemy team behind the hill.



The sniper team makes a clean escape and to the cover of the ravine. Clearly and all out assault is under way on the farm buildings. To bad for Bil, he is shooting at nothing.



The tanks over at KT3 spot and kill the BMP that raced over to K11.



Nice close up of the kit decal:



The FO re-positioned to their new location – not on the balcony.



Smoke has started to fall around KT8. It seems like Bil is planning to head down AA1 or 2 after he takes the farm. Or perhaps he thinks the mortar attack on his ATGM team came from an FO there.


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Minute 152: Orders

Make sure the sniper team gets a rest after fording the river.



With more action happening on KT11 15 Platoon's advanced squad will reposition to be better able to see activity over there.



The FO will call in a 105 barrage on top of the farm objective, using TRP1.


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Minute 1:52-1:51:

Sniper team finishing fording...



Just as auto cannon fire racks the location they were moments ago. MCpl Morrison is still one step a head of the enemy pursuing him.



Observers over at KT3 watch as troops disembark from a truck near KT1. Among them is an ATGM team. Bil apparently really wants an at team up there.



That enemy team on the back side of KT3 pops up again. This time with something dangerous in hand. Fires....


Misses high...


And feels the return fire.



The smoke is getting thicker over at KT8.


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Minute 151: Orders

Well if the enemy insists on trying to get an ATGM team on KT1 I am happy to drop more mortar shells on them.



Just for reference here is what the squad from 15 Platoon see compared to the Mortar HQ's call.



Clearly the tank's ambush location is to well known. Time to reposition the tank again. There are plenty of spots I can put my tanks hull down so I can do this all day long.



A slight tweak to the orders for the team from 15 Platoon. Included in that is some time to rest. They are tired from crawling already.



A small change to the observation teams from 14 Platoon to compensate for the smoke.


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Minute 1:51-1:50:

Some HE sores over the head of the sniper team. I wonder if they have been spotted or if it is just a high shot from the area firing the enemy assault team is conducting.



Shortly after that the lead tank goes up in flames. I was surprised since I was really just observing that area – or so I thought. It turns out one of the AT LAVs spotted the enemy tank over top of the building they had been hiding behind. Missile away...



Direct hit. The enemy tank brews up.



One of the tanks on KT3 spots an ATGM team through the smoke and opens up. The round is short.



Observers on KT3 watch a truck race across the open ground. Another ATGM team for KT11?



A shot showing the enemy units advancing on Rutsey.


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