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UKR mini campaign - test map, H2H

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Hi all, 

I'm building a  UKR mini campaign (4-5 scenarios). It covers a UKR battalion trying to escape encirclement (so, Blue v. AI).

The style is very much In Media Res - ie.The player has very little control over initial force placement, often fire fights are already happening and RUS arty is extensive, persistent and accurate. The UKR player is very much on the back foot from the start.

I have a pivotal scenario that will decide the final branching battle. 

I'm concerned that I'm over-designing it, that a smarter/better payer than I could easily win it, despite the overwhelming RUS forces. 

I'd like a human opponent, to play UKR, either Real Time or PBEM.

It's a large map, 3.5 x 5, I think, with a battalion worth of forces on both sides (but not all at once, for very solid story/tactical reasons). 

I will say, It's very different from other scenarios, both official and player-made. 

And, I hope, its hard. 

Anyone interested? 


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The scenario is currently "budgeted" at 2 hours, for SP. That is also one aspect I want to be sure of, it feels a little long. Maybe 1.5 hrs is enough.

Either way, the battle is determined by tactical success, rather than time frame.

I usually play Iron, but naturally Elite is fine.

Ill email you the scenario later today, gonna add in mission descriptions etc.

Re turn rate, it varies by my work. I work in Film & TV, which can be VERY long (12-16 hr) days. So, some days I'll get 3-5 turns out, other days just 1.

My work is random, in terms of which days I'll be working, from any given week, but I'm very invested in this scenario so I'll keep my turns coming!

If anyone else is interested I'm quite happy to play multiple games of the same scenario.





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