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CM on Intel HD3000?


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Hey guys,

So my card asploded last night with a code 43 so now I'm stuck with my CPU (APU?) only. It has Intel HD3000 graphics built in. 

Every time I try to start any of my CM games on Win 10 using this hardware the game fails to load past the battlefront spash image. The application never gets past Windows desktop. Anyone have a clue? I have a map to finish... 


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Super strange. It works without a hitch in windows xp. And it also works on windows 10, there's just a workaround. 

My issue is the program starts, loads the battlefront splash screen, and then crashes after the whole screen turns black (to load the game in full screen).

When you start black sea, the splash screen will overtake any other programs open. Quickly click into another program before the splash screen finishes loading... the black screen returns, but then cm loads silently in the background. When it is finished loading you can alt tab to it and you should be on the main screen. Works in all games. Didn't need to adjust compatibility (Cuz it doesn't help) or anything but I highly suspect that is the cause of the issue. 

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