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Chain link fences. Are they a graphics card or programming nightmare?

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You got me curious. Here's a quick-and-dirty test to see what would happen if chain link fence is attempted.

Standard practice would be to make the wall a solid sheet and employ a knockout alpha channel for the holes. But that technique has its limitations. As you pull the camera back the KO becomes less and less effective until eventually the holes disappear and you're left with a solid sheet for a wall. To get chain link fence to work special-case computer programmer magic would have to be involved, all for a single-use feature of limited tactical value. Chain link fence is one of those 'it'd be nice if only they could figure a way to do it properly' items.


quick test.jpg

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1 hour ago, Dynaman216 said:

At a larger range they can play with the solidity(*) of the fence, so it is perhaps 50% see through at longer ranges.

That has been done with trees, so that would be cool.   Also, if one makes the coloring lighter or more like the BG terrain, maybe the fence would blend in more at longer ranges and not look so obvious as a solid wall.  At a distance, in RL, chain link fences can appear to blur the BG terrain. 

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Yeah I've mentioned this one before as it's on my (always growing :D) wishlist. It's the one type of fence/wall that is missing from the game; blocks infantry movement without bloocking LOS and LOF. It's also a biggy more for the modern era titles to help map out built up areas accurately. Not everyone has solid cement walls between properties.

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35 minutes ago, JonS said:

I think that chainlink fences would also be prone to a really distracting moiré pattern effect.

Probably, but would that be enough to prevent it being looked into on it's own?

Not suggesting the existing "Wire Fence" is replaced - Even if the existing assets for the wire fence are used but the height and it's properties are changed to prevent infantry from crossing the action square it would probably be enough and increase the tactical challenges map makers/scenario designers can add to maps. I'm sure there will be a modder or two our there who will try to get the graphics right down the line (like what happened with the existing graphics issue with default NS and EW ploughed fields).

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