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Once I get the map to a point where there's something solid to show. I most definitely will. I had a decent start in CMSF 1. I'm waiting for CMSF2 to be finished, and I'll go from there.

Happy Armed Forces Day Everyone! 

If this keeps up we'll have a good piece of Baghdad covered. sburke is doing Sadr City, I've been working on a map of East Baghdad/ Rustamiyah for a while now.

CMSF2 : USMC Infantry by Oleksandr


This mod will provide you with retextured United States Marine Corps. 


This mod will provide you with USMC wearing dusty MARPAT. 


This mod includes new PDA based on MARCORYSCOM tablet technology that is created to remove the "fog of war" on a Multi-Domain Battles. 


As you can see - new tablet has new textures different from those that being used by Army units (this mod will not conflict with any other mods of mine). 

Tablet includes a texture of a central part of Aleppo. 



No patches added on units - it is authentic measure - most of the times - marines do not wear patches today. I might be wrong about all units but most of the time I was looking at our Marines - they were patchless. 


Skinds and gear are planned to be modded in the future. 


Link to download: https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-shock-force-2/cmsf2-infantry/cmsf2-usmc-infantry-by-oleksandr/


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The reason why I'm giving so much attention towards tablet textures is following: 

Digital tools in hands of an infantry becomes a trend. A good trend in my opinion. So far CM games implemented several elements of a multi-domain battle: radio electric warfare, drones, cooperation between forward observers and high precision strikes into its gameplay. 

This is how military computers/tablets being tested/used within the US Marine Corps: 



Small video on the new era of close air support: 



Short video on Multi-Domain Battle Concept:




Thats why I gave attention to small details in radios, pda's etc. Enjoy your day everyone and stay safe! 


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