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Once I get the map to a point where there's something solid to show. I most definitely will. I had a decent start in CMSF 1. I'm waiting for CMSF2 to be finished, and I'll go from there.

Happy Armed Forces Day Everyone! 

If this keeps up we'll have a good piece of Baghdad covered. sburke is doing Sadr City, I've been working on a map of East Baghdad/ Rustamiyah for a while now.

8 hours ago, Marwek77 aka Red Reporter said:

NIce mod,


but its Chernarussian or Chernorussian? Because on the patch is written Černaruské ozbrojené síly (by the way its Czech) so it should be Chernarussian.

Yup, I knew it was Czech and I've seen my error - will fix that in upcoming mods. I was thinking to do some vehicle mods Czech style. 


But I'm not sure for 100% about it. Too many stuff going on at the same time. 

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CMSF2: 7th Infantry Division by Oleksandr


This is my last mod of this year - US Army Infantry mod. 


I've been insipired by the history of this unit and I've decided to give it a go here in CMSF2. 

This mod contains a lot of small details. Such as patch of the US Army Signal Corps on each back of each man carrying radios. 


Now you have actually opened PDA with the map of Aleppo streets on it: 


Your soldiers are finally well camouflaged 

this is without icons


this one is with some icons on 


Closer look: 


Harris details were added as well: 


Enjoy your battles gentlemen and happy holidays to everyone! 


Link: https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-shock-force-2/cmsf2-infantry/cmsf2-7th-infantry-division-by-oleksandr/


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Working on some alternative history mod. 

I've noticed that a lot of equipment in SF2 would fit cold war era. 

Using my spare time to play around with some models. 






BMP pack is almost ready but them infantry models will take time. 




I have a plan to make it somewhat like CMA but with Warsaw pact units. Will be meant to play red on red - with German forces on one side and rebels on the other. Mod is planned to cover time period of mid 60 till late 70s of the 20st century. Syria represented within the game will be treated by mods of this series as Afghanistan. No modern tech will be modded - simply Warsaw pact go against rebbles in Afghan/Iran area. 

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18 minutes ago, Bootie said:

I will do... I have a few to upload but sadly with the current crisis my job is absolutely beating me down both physically and mentally... when I get some down time I will upload them.  Please be patient as I will get them done.

No problem. Stay safe! God Bless! 

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