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From a pdf article link by Les Gray that someone posted on these forums:

eg:  A Russian motorized rifle battalion is defending from positions in direct contact with the enemy. The enemy strength is uncertain, and there are some two kilometers between forces. The terrain is fairly open, trafficable and interrupted by occasional stands of deciduous trees in full foliage. The brigade’s tank-battalion commander was directed to conduct a company-sized pre-dawn mounted reconnaissance-in-force. The company’s mission is to determine enemy strength and dispositions, capture documents and prisoners and determine the strength and route of the counterattack force. The company will plan on withdrawing after one hour unless the enemy withdraws. If so, the company will provide support to a follow-on attack/pursuit. An artillery howitzer battalion and a motorized rifle platoon will provide support to the company.
The tank-battalion commander decides to employ his second company to conduct the reconnaissance-in-force. It will conduct an attack from the march from a company attack area forward of the brigade’s second-echelon defensive area. The artillery battalion will conduct a 20-minute artillery preparation in advance of the attack and plan to conduct deeper fires, on-call fires and standing barrage fires on the flanks of the attack. The artillery battalion, motorized rifle battalion, reconnaissance company and engineers will establish observation posts overlooking the attack.
The attack commences before dawn following the artillery barrage with two tank platoons on-line. After breaking through the initial defensive line, the trailing platoon continues deeper to establish a support position. The right and left flank platoons reverse to begin their exploitation and possible withdrawal while determining and destroying the location and extent of enemy positions. The motorized rifle platoon dismounts, searching for prisoners, documents and enemy crew-served weapons. The enemy launches a counterattack, which is stopped by artillery fire and the forward tank platoon.
Upon the command to withdraw, the reconnaissance-in-force company will withdraw, normally under a particulate smoke screen. Upon the command to defend, the company will dig in as a supporting position for a follow-on battalion or brigade attack/pursuit.

Also see:  https://community.apan.org/wg/tradoc-g2/fmso/.

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