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Recce in force article.

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"An example of its use was during early September 1944, when MG Lawton J. Collins conducted a major reconnaissance-in-force with his VII Corps, employing three divisions on-line to conduct a limited attack to penetrate the enemy defenses in the Aachen-Stolberg corridor and to seize bridgeheads over the Roer River in preparation for exploitation advances into Germany. The operation failed to achieve its initial objectives; however, it did develop intelligence about the defending German forces that paid future dividends."

So basically if your attack fails, you can re-label it as recon-in-force and your superiors will be happy :)

Joking aside, this is interesting stuff, also from the defender's point of view. Very useful in CM too. +1

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Yes, envision the penis as a salient, er, penetrating the line.  What does one do to eliminate a salient? Why, cut it off at the base, of course. Now, the vagina could be seen as a kill sac....oh, never mind, but I blame the Battle of the Sexes for this divergence from proper decorum.

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