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My CMBN 4.0 upgrade says it's missing 2 files

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I just applied my CM "Big Bundle" upgrade to my CMBN that was up to v 3.11.

When I launch CMBN, it shows the title screen and 4.0 on the lower right (so far, so good)

But there's an error message on the screen that says it's missing 2 files and to contact support:



Where do I find these or how to I get them to make my CMBN launch?

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As with your CMFI thread, I would recommend downloading the all-in-one CMBN installer (about 4GB, I believe; 'CM Normandy 4.00 Full Windows'). Your current install is missing some patches, such as 3.12 and possibly the 2.12 patch (I'm not sure what the 'normandyv220.brz' file comes from). The full installer will install everything you need. If you decide to go that route, I suggest backing up any saved games and/or non-standard scenarios and campaigns that don't come with the game by default and of course any mods that you're using.

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I searched the BFC site and can't find any downloadable file  called "CM Normandy 4.00 Full Windows." Nothing when I search on "installer" either.

The only thing I see is "CM Battle for Normandy Big Bundle (Windows)" but to get it I'd have to pay $105, and that's for all the same content I've already bought and paid for since 2011.

Still confused.




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