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The Real Speed and Power Abrams

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Quite some time ago, Panzerleader did an AAR based on his own unit. Thought the people here might enjoy a look at what a fully kitted out Abrams looks like these days, and for once, not in CARC but European pattern. I understand the why, but I sure do miss the streamlined look the tank used to have.


John Kettler

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On 2/24/2019 at 7:27 AM, akd said:

Well, the fake machine guns make me wonder...

Small arms like the MGs on the roof have certain rules regarding being left unattended.  It's likely just easier to keep plywood weapons mounted and not have to mount/dismount the real MGs each time the garage is closed for the day.  This is rather obviously a "US Army future platforms" exhibit of sorts judging by the M1's stablemate in any event.  

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