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One of the things that have been grating me is the fact that there's no indication on the website of these, more or less game breaking, bugs being present. By trying the demo of CMFI for instance I co

Another view is to flip this around and ask why wouldn't they have been working on the patch this whole time? It's been 2 years and 3 months now since they broke some pretty fundamental parts of

Beware the IEDs of March....

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On 2/16/2019 at 9:50 AM, Battlefront.com said:

Update on the patches.  We're still fixing things.  Found out yesterday that MacOS Mojave treats some of the installer stuff a little differently so that had to be addressed to avoid people double clicking and getting a blank screen.

At the moment we're doing some last minute TO&E fixes.  While making Rome to Victory I got into some retro revisions which had a ripple effect.  Almost done with it.

These last minute fixes do delay things, but worth it IMHO.  I'm still thinking that we can have them out before March (yes, of 2019). 


Any word on the update, i'm fiending for more CM content.

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59 minutes ago, BletchleyGeek said:

It is a relativistic calendar, currently at about 0.6c and accelerating...

So ... does this mean that, at some point in the CM timeline, the patches will arrive at exactly the same point in time - as far as can be determined - as the bugs which necessitate them are identified ... ???

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Slowing down isn't easy, takes as long as accelerating. If BFC was using a Daedalus ship to host it's development we should be able to observe the trace of H bomb explosions changing direction... but it seems to be some quite magical and environmentally friendly reality distortion drive. So who knows. 

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One of the things that have been grating me is the fact that there's no indication on the website of these, more or less game breaking, bugs being present. By trying the demo of CMFI for instance I could easily be led to believe that things are functioning as they ought to be in the current version. When in reality, I could be waiting for a few months to have the game I paid $80 for to take the shape of what was advertised. That's the real kicker here, lack of information, not the very long delay to see the issues addressed. I wonder what happened to the notion expressed in the sales policy that an informed customer is a happy customer. 

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Now the bugs in the 4.0 version is game breaking  in a sense in arty  and infantry reaction to it if you are not accepting of it, but all it has ever taken is to play the game in version 3.0 before that change was made.

what you have is 4.0 format not a good format for play against the AI if you are using arty. Any other way the game is played has been fine, 4.0 is good except for a few other issues.

For those needing to bomb the heck out of AI troops, 3.0 was always still available.

Yes, was it a issue that buying the upgrade and not getting the fix all this time was bad form. Of course it was, but don't act like the game is been unplayable, for it has not.

You all know 4.01 fixes the problems, the releases are close at hand, after all this time you might as well take your chill pills because nothing on your part is making it happen any faster.


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26 minutes ago, slysniper said:


Your argument is less convincing when you subvert it in the sentence that follows immediately after. Artillery and somewhat realistic reactions to its fire have to be considered pretty core components of a game centered around military tactics. So there are in fact bugs that, more or less, break the game for those who are inclined towards playing it in a certain way intended by the developer. 

But as said, I don't particularly care about the bugs themselves. In part because I don't even own the games that are affected by them*. Hell, if they'd been clearly labeled on the tin, I might've bought the CMFI bundle already. Sadly they aren't and my only saving grace from unexpected frustration was stumbling into this thread and asking what ailed the game. The general lack of transparency is, simply put, very offputting to me as a prospective customer. It seems to me like the kind of aloof attitude that not even AAA developers can very well afford these days.

I eagerly await the patches and for a few months to pass after their arrival. With this thread as a reference, it seems unwise to be sinking my claw-like toenails deeper into the product catalog much sooner than that. 


(*Though I guess I've noticed some fairly minor wriggles in AI response to fire in CMSF:2. Like Canadians running away from the impact of their own LAW:s)

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1 hour ago, slysniper said:

all it has ever taken is to play the game in version 3.0 before that change was made.

That's what I do, at least with CMBN and CMFI. But it only works if you already owned the games before the 4.0 upgrade, which was 2 years and 4 months ago. If you're a new player since then, your only choice is 4.0 and the attendant bugs.

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I would like to remind you what has been introduced in patch 4.0 because you complain a lot, and the game looks much better than version 3.0. I will mention only what happened in the gamplay and editor,  it's hard to call it a game break. The only thing is the infantry is leaving the place too easily under fire which seems safe.
In some cases, this is annoying just like spotting a short distance. However, you can still play it.



Hulldown Command

 Vehicles have access to a new movement command called Hulldown. This command allows a vehicle to move forward until only the turret is exposed to a specified target, and then the vehicle stops moving.

Improved Infantry Spacing

 Infantry on the move will now respect each other's personal space! While moving, squad and team members will maintain a few meters of distance between each other. Soldiers will also spread out laterally on the move when possible (some terrain may necessitate column movement, such as paths through rough terrain).

Peeking Around Building Corners

 Infantry units positioned adjacent to building corners will now automatically post some soldiers at the corners to observe and fire around the obstacle

AI Proactively Avoids Artillery Fire

 The TacAI that runs soldiers and vehicles will more proactively, and reactively, attempt to avoid incoming HE fire. Two classic examples are that the AI will attempt to avoid being wiped out by incoming artillery barrages and direct tank fire.

Combine Squad Command

 Combine Squad is a new Admin Command for squads. This command is useful for squads that have suffered major losses and need to consolidate their remaining personnel into larger teams.



AI Area Fire Orders

 The AI can now be scripted to use Area Fire! Each AI Order can have a target zone designated.

AI Facing Orders

 Each AI Order can be given a location for it to Face towards.

AI Withdraw Orders

 AI Groups can be ordered to Withdraw towards their movement destination. Vehicles will move in Reverse to the destination, while infantry will leapfrog back while turning around to face behind them.

Campaign Resupply

 Personnel replacements and ammunition levels are now more uniformly resupplied across all core units between campaign missions, as opposed to the all-or-nothing check on each unit done previously.

3D Flavor Object Clone Tool

 Flavor objects can be cloned within the 3D view without having to go back to the 2D view.

32 Order AI Plans

 Each AI Group can now have up to 32 orders, increased from 16.

Stream Terrain

 Small streams can now be placed on battle maps.


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13 hours ago, Xorg_Xalargsky said:

Why all the fighting? Let us just reunite and pray for the prompt release of the 4.0 patches as well as the next two planned modules.

A light hearted reply would be - cos its a fight sim :) and people crawling in these forums might have a tendency to enjoy combat 

but - lets keep spirits up ! I can sense it will be this month . 

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