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Super Map - Looking for an opponent

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So I bound together like fifty maps into one in MS paint and divided them with borders. What I ended up with was nearly 50MB of a picture!


I wound up getting lazy with the design considering I've spent all morning and afternoon on it. The grey and mountains indicate no-go zones. The Black/Green paths are pathways through the territories.


What I want to do is have a regiment v regiment battle across these territories. Having all this space, units can be split into companies etc per map. Recon missions will have a purpose. You won't feel that bad playing with divisional guns anymore. Combining CM's scale with an operational-sized scale introduces an entirely new dynamic. Operational commanding requires additional foresight and planning with your troops, divvying them across your territories in anticipation for the enemy. I've been thinking about this a lot, and having a built in feature like this of some sort would be one of my three biggest CM wet dream additions (Behind team v team multiplayer support).


I want to find an opponent to verse, or if multiple are interested we can do a team versus team campaign. Which doesn't have to involve direct teamwork on the CM battlefield between players but rather in the operational battlefield. Rules could be established for a campaign, I figured people could throw their input on how they would like something like to this to be played out. Sort of like a video game inside of a board game. My goal is to document my experience, take my shot at posting an AAR (A very long one at that), and encourage others to create their own operational scale battlefields.


One day I hope the community will actively be involved in making these massive maps and play on them in non to semi competitive tournaments.


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What I had figured would happen was:

Map and variables decided upon.

Turns work in: A B A B A B A B

Commander A moves/Attacks/scouts/retreats their units during their respective turn

Attacks take a turn cool down if successful. Units get to move one turn, two if they cross over a MSR.

When a confrontational troop movement takes place,  both sides will be required to act on it. For instance: If A enters B's territory whether it be a scout mission, assault, probe, whatever (The beauty is in the freedom that the campaign provides)...a "battle" will start. All that B would know is his/her territory is being occupied. This would only happen if there are B troops stationed there. So I suppose front lines would have to be established, and attacks on territories would have to be called out.

Assuming A and B start at opposite ends of the map or in a position of role play (centering forces around the two main airfields, military base, and port in defense) a regiment+ of troops will quickly dwindle two a company or two defending the line, or a battalion centered around a strategic objective.

My hope is to have two opposing AAR threads showing off SF2 or some new content. Or the usual content with a spicy campaign. Who knows.... but the multiplayer side of CM on the forums needs to be exposed a little more.

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Would be especially cool to have captain players (company commanders) to do the tactical battles and majors/lt.colonels to do operational planning and decisions. Would need a lot of people though.

Not sure if I have all  the time needed to be your sole opponent but sign me up for a team role.

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That's what I had in mind. It's the different leadership/teams that sets things like AZOV BATTALION!!1!! from the others. Otherwise, for less important/dramatic roles, commanders could be swapped out. So even if you were my sole opponent, you got bored and left, the campaign isnt linear nor is it confined to a single specific command team. You could be replaced if you lose too many people :D


On the picture I posted: This would be great for a 2v2 regiments battle

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On 6/5/2018 at 1:14 PM, Kozlice said:

I'm pretty sure I've once stumbled upon an AAR or some team discussion/chat thread on fgm that basically had the same typa thing going on - maybe you can try your luck there to get this going (my spot reserved :D)

I had made my post on FGM.com


I saw a lot of other threads got plenty of attention. I hope mine does also. We can always play something significantly smaller in the meantime if we want to flaunt the game mode :)

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On 5/31/2018 at 5:34 PM, Sgt.Squarehead said:

So this will be a refereed game.....You (presumably) will be manually managing the battles that take place?

I apologize, I thought I had addressed this in my following post. My point was that the games shouldn't need to be refereed (But certainly could) since the players could manage it themselves. The honor rule will have to come in at some point.

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