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Some RPG math

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So here is the situation,

B team of the 2nd squad is taking care of the downed B team of the 1st squad. As you can see, they themselves got three PG-7VL's (took them from a BMP earlier), another five, I suppose, come from a BMP which is 10 meters away (the standard five 7VL's in each BMP). Now, the one thermobaric and two 7VR's are, I guess, from the team being given assistance to. So far so good.


What happens next is, the team picks up an RPG, they seem to have four 7VL's now and the total count is still eight 7VL's, thermo and 7VR's are gone. Is this working as intended and am I missing something obvious? The BMP next to them did not move.


Oh yea, and on the second screenshot, the RPG is loaded with 7VR, whereas the inventory says they do not have any

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The ammo of fallen soldiers is randomly recoverable, but a strange quirk of the game is that the die roll to determine recoverability is made when the fallen soldier is buddy aided rather than when he is wounded or killed, so ammo will sometimes disappear when you buddy aid.

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I see, I guess that does explain where the thermo and 7VR's went.

Still confused about the origin of the extra 7VL (the dead team surely had none, maybe some default round that comes with picking up an RPG?) and why is it not added to the total count on the Ammo Report (should be 9 = 4 in current inventory and 5 in the BMP)

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