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Prediction: The first CMBS module will add javelins to Ukrainian TOE

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You may not be far off with the estimated release date, but because the game is set in the summer of 2017, I don't think Ukrainian equipment obtained after that date is likely to be included.  Although, come to think of it, Battlefront could justify the addition of Ukrainian javelins by reasoning they would be supplied to Ukraine as wartime allies in the hypothetical backstory provided for the game.

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tbh i think strong arguments have been made so far that - the Ukrainian side got the short end of the stick with bugs rtc.

the Russians actually ended up with better armor than theyd have irl - think moatly T72 B3s for 95% of games versus T90AMs.

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Javelins are already in the game, I wouldn't count it as "new content" -- unless they add new Ukranian "lend lease" formations.

It always seemed strange to me that the USMC and VDV (VMF too) are nowhere to be seen in Black Sea. Which is strange, considering these branches have higher strategic mobility.

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They're written into the canon; the manual's brief outline of the war mentions Marines landing to block Odessa - presumably they take part in the strategic invasion of Eastern Ukraine during the July-August counteroffensives as well. We've heard hints that the future modules will flesh out the TO&E of the current nations in game to that end, but it's all hearsay. 

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1 hour ago, Kozlice said:

Wouldn't the short end of the stick argument apply to Russians as well, in in-game balance terms?

And in irl terms, so did Ukrainians with the Oplots.

No. Because the Oplots are bugged and have consistently had bug issues since the game was released.  No player in his right mind takes Oplots into a PBEM.

Russia isnt at a disadvamtage. True they dont get to use some IRL advantages they have but neither does the US. 

Russia does get T90AMs which are not in service nor will they be. They get APS which is proliferated way more than I think should be, though I dont think the US should have it AT ALL and I wont pbem with APS in it.

I just think T90As should be mor erare and pricier and AMs triple..

Russians get more of an advantage than IMO they would real life with CAS. US shorads suck and the game doesnt simulate the bigger picture where Russian CAS besides the first few days or week would probably be sparse except for alpha strike type support for key areas.  I think itd be more fair if you could set an air superiority meter either way. 

that way you could simulate the us doctrine of relyong on the usaf to keep enemy aircraft away, or make it a situation where it stays as is. as of now it actually kinda favors russians air power wise... just because said airpower wouldnt be there in a lot of the situations it is in, or wouldnt be able to loiter as long, and finally because all you can do on map is use a stinger.

Also IRL the USAF has a major advantage of being able to drop accurate ordinance from altitides shorads cant hit.  Yes yes I know all abput Russias other excellent SAMS.

Im just saying the game also forces a lot of US fixed wing to take fire from units theyd be flying too high to hit back at.

I could go on and on but..

So do I truly feel Russia got the short end? No. I feel if anything BFC was generous.I pretty much played exclysively as Russia in PBEMs for most of my time in BS and the Russians competently handled can and will defeat the US. Even on bad days they will cause casualties and are not push overs.  True the US forces in game are better but this is about what Id expect in real life, you certainly get more troops for the same amt of points for the Russians

The Ukrainians first off should have javelins.Im dead certain we.d give them to them in the game scenario. Also less than lethal aid - NVGs and radios etc I also think should be buffed to reflect US support. I think the Oplot should be fixed but made insanely costly and rare and tbh Id prefer if they were replaced with T80s.  Though ISTR reading recently Ukraine sold off almost all of theirs - not sure.

I feel otherwisr the Ukrainians are modelled about right, I iust think their bugs have an outsize on their gamrplay

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19 hours ago, Sublime said:

Russia does get T90AMs which are not in service nor will they be.

By now RU army has got several dozens T-90M, which are the domesticated version of T-90AM. RU army has been getting BMP-3M too, about 200-300 units. Currently, only BRM-3K is a fictional unit.









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23 hours ago, Sublime said:


No what? I'm saying that T-90AM has as much right to exist in the game as does Oplot if you are comparing real life armies to the in-game ones. Not talking about bugs or in-game costs

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No as in read the rest of my post for reasons why.

As it is the Oplot and AM are in game so whats your point? Though the Oplot is barely even around, and the amounts of BMP3 s and AMs is pretty tiny when you consider the US is fielding thousands of M1A2s, Bradleys, and hundreds of Strykers. Those are absolutely commonplace in the US military.  So saying the US is overpowered when everything it gets in the game it gets a ton of versus IRL the Russians maybe having a couple bttn tactical groups of T90Ms and BMP3Ms.

As far as mot talking about bugs or rarity... thats like saying I want to argue about say the US election but I refuse to discuss any aspect of the electoral college or popular vote. Those are hands off

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