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Had a major meltdown on my computer and bought a new one. Am reloading all my games. So far Fortress Italy and Final Blitzkreig have installed and are working. But Normandy fails. I've installed it from a download and from the DVD. Each time it installs to the last screen. Then I get the UI Resource missing message and it cancels the install.  


Anyone else have this issue? What am I missing? Any solutions?

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If you're trying to install CMBN 1.x on Windows 10 you'll run into issues with attempting to activate that 1.x license. The copy protection system used with CMBN 1.x is NOT compatible with Windows 10. You'll need CMBN 2.x or later to actually activate your license key. Do you have access to any downloads for CMBN, especially the 'all-in-one' installer for the 4.0 Upgrade ? If you do, then you'll want to install that instead. If you don't, then you'll want to wait before activating any license keys until you've installed most of the upgrades and/or modules.

If you need more details, we'll need to know exactly what installers you have access to (DVDs, downloads, upgrades, modules, etc.).

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13 minutes ago, LiveNoMore said:

That did the trick. I had been trying to install them in order. This time I installed it from the all - in -one and everything is working now.  Thanks

yeah keep the installer - toss the disks.  I ditched mine a long time ago.  It just doesn't make any sense to hang onto them  Waiting for CMSF2 so I can ditch CMSF disks and the document I have for installing it step by step... :P


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