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Have no Combat Mission titles installed but I have purchased CMBN, CMRT, CMFB and CMBS. I will be getting the bundle 4 upgrade package. Do I need to install older versions first? From reading here in this forum I think I should be able to install all version 4 titles from the bundle pack without having to install older versions first. is this correct? Thanks,

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When you purchased the 4.0 Upgrade for each game (or the bundle), one of the downloads available for each game is a 'full installer'. This installer will install the full game, including any modules/packs (though they may lack the latest 'scenario packs') without requiring anything else to be installed. This is really useful for CMBN, which has quite a few modules, upgrades and packs.

Licensing everything may get a bit confusing. The sticky at the top of the forum in the 'Announcements' section Special Upgrade 4 Tech Tips should help get everything activated. You will need a license key for any module, pack and possibly some of the upgrades (even though they weren't installed directly in this case). When did you purchase CMBN ? When you purchased it will determine what version of the game engine it was at and therefore if you will need to get a CMBN 3.0 Upgrade license key or if the base game license key is for a 3.0 version of CMBN.  CMRT, CMFB and CMBS I believe were at version 3.0 at the time of their release.

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