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Comparing CMBS to real-life and different sides in CMBS between themselves


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I believe it would be interesting to discuss how behaviour of CMBS units and equipment compares to their what they demonstrate in real life and how different sides in CMBS match against each other. To keep as far away from useless flame as possible I suggest we argue only quantifiable data that can be traced either to real life sources or comparable in-game datasets.

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Infantry detection test

Objective: To understand how detection capabilities of US and Russian infantry units match against each other.

Test setup: 40 isolated lanes of 200m each. Lanes are plain and only grass-covered. TOD is midday, the weather is clear, sunny and dry. On either side of the lane there's a three-man breach team - US and Russian. The teams are veteran, normal motivation and no leadership bonus. Teams are not hiding and facing each other.

What we track: how much time each team needs to detect AND identify the opponent.

Graph: Axis X is the number of seconds passed after the start of the test. Axis Y - the number of units detected by this time. 


Surprisingly RU team is almost as good in detection as US :o:wacko: This is my first take - feels like more tests at larger distances wouldn't hurt :blink:

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Yah 200m is pretty normal for RUS, even UKR inf. It's the longer distances where US, optics quickly scale up faster. 

But even more than distance, I find its weather conditions that drive the spotting contest. 

I'll bet that if you changed nothing but the weather to say, Fog or even just Mist, that US spotting would be much better. Then also increase the distance with those conditions and let the slaughter begin. 

Will you test UKR v RUS in your plain 200m, sunny conditions? 

And thanks for this thread btw :)

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