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On 12/8/2019 at 1:32 PM, Audgisil said:

Hello everyone,

A long time ago I took JuJus CMBN interface and made it for Fortress Itally by adding the missing mod files for vehicles, weapons, etc. Well, I just finished updating it again to include everything for Rome to Victory. Compressed, it's 7MB. I just posted it to onedrive.

Please feel free to distribute or host this file wherever. The majority of the credit all goes to JuJu. I just ported it to CMFI and updated it as needed.


Hi Audgisil

The link doesn't work anymore, is there any other place I can download this file?

Thank you so much

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17 hours ago, Bubba883XL said:

has anyone else notice the german G41 rifle icon is missing? its just like the unmodded way, a solid colour. i have CMFI, V4, no modules, and i have the ui update for the modules put in with the CMBN one to

JuJu and I worked on an addon to his mod the other month. Incldues the G41. However I have noticed a shadow error on some of the German weapons I'll have to fix eventually. (Won't be anytime soon).


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