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Hey all,

Bought CMBS a couple of days ago, great game so far - thing is it keeps crashing.. Multiple times per day


Windows 10 pro x64

Ryzen 1800X

GeForce 1060 6GB - driver : 391.01


No extra AV - just windows defender


Haven't tried anything funny e.g. edit the memory, no mods. Occasional alt+tabbing (never had a crash when alt+tabbing). Settings = all to highest.

The dev(s) have some rather meaningful exceptions, no readable text, all numbers, look different every time, same generic reason (unhandled exception, different libraries mentioned every time). Haven't found a coredump anywhere


any ideas?


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There is NO subform for 2.10 tech support. If you're looking for help from the community for the CM series (CMBN, CMFI, CMRT, CMFB, CMBS, CMSF, CMA), then this is the place to post it.

Have you added exclusions to Windows Defender for the CM games ? Typically such interference usually results in the game not being able to launch, but it may be worth it otherwise just in case something else is happening that may be due to Windows Defender.

What ARE the libraries that are mentioned in your 'unhandled exceptions' ? If they're different every time, then I would guess that you might have a problem with your system rather than CM (CM is just running into the issue, though it is only a 32-bit program). You may want to run some memory diagnostics (such as Memtest86) and see if that comes up with anything. Some test are possible to fail even with good memory (certain 'Hammer' tests), but you'll want to pay attention to anything that fails.

If the memory tests fail to find any faults, then please get some more details on the crashes, possibly several of them if the errors are different.

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