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  1. No caps.
  2. May be no one's answering because they have not seen this situation :( I didn't :(
  3. Ammo loads "features" I've seen consistently:
    • Some teams may acquire more AT4s from vehicles than they're allowed to carry. When the team dismounts "extra" AT4s disappear and the team goes to a normal max load.
    • TOW HMMVW crew when bailed out miraculously leaves with as much 5.56 ammo as the vehicle had in it's inventory. Means something like 2'800+ cartridges for a team of four which is inconvenient as one cannot arm it with AT4 or M203 grenades lest it becomes super-slow due to weight.
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The OP  title is done in all caps.


If I could help, I would, but I've never used Strykers, nor have had the XM25, so have nothing useful to offer. Nor can I say, other than myself--presently unable to play any CM--who is and isn't playing CMBS, though I find it hard to believe Sublime, probably the leading gamer on using ther Russians inCMBS, wouldn't be still playing. Would if I could. Believe me on that score!


John Kettler

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18 minutes ago, c3k said:

I'll take a look.

Do you have any, err, specific information, or is this just =any= US squad in a Stryker?

Am not 100% sure, but I think that in CMBS all US Army inf have the M25 CDTE and Strykers have its 25mm ammo.   The squad ammo says HEDP and Therm.  The Stryker ammo says ABHE and Therm.

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Stryker shows 25mm ABHE (no HEDP) and Therm, but the inf shows HEDP and Therm.  Are there 3 types of 25mm ammo?  Why does inf only have HEDP and no ABHE in initial loadout?  (What's the difference?)

Am wondering that there are so many different types of ammo carried that the text for some ammo is offscreen.

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  1. HEDP is 40x46 only. CDTE has only ABHE and Therm.
  2. Most probably you don't have ABHE initially because your squad doesn't have CDTE - just M203.
  3. Stryker should have 40x46 - some specific versions may miss 25mm but 40x46 should be there. May be you have already taken them?
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Yes, Stryker and squad have 40x46.  Squad also has CDTE.  My point is that the squad 25mm ammo is labeled HEDP (and also Therm).  According to you, the 25mm should be labeled ABHE and Therm. 

So you confirm that it's a bug(?).

Unfortunately, it seems like there is only a handful of us here who play CMBS - otherwise lots of players would have already checked and understood what I am talking about.


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27 minutes ago, Erwin said:

the squad 25mm ammo is labeled HEDP (and also Therm)

It's incorrect if it's so. But I've never seen that. For me it's always:

  • 25mm ABHE
  • 40x46mm HEDP
  • 25mm Therm

AFAIK 25x40mm HEDP rounds do not exist in RL though there's an AP round for this caliber. And ABHE is called HEAB in reality :)

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Well, to restate:

"I have a US Army squad in a Stryker.  The Stryker shows 25mm ABHE and 25mm Therm available (in addition to 40x46mm).  But the squad has 25mm HEDP and 25mm Therm."

I checked it in the (TOC) scenario am testing - that's why am puzzled. 

What's the latest version of CMBS?  I better check I have that.

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On 3/29/2018 at 6:43 AM, c3k said:

If you get a savegame, let me know. Otherwise, I'll poke at it later and see if I can randomly recreate it.

c3k - This issue came up while a new scenario - Tactical Operations Center (TOC) was being tested.  It is still in Beta and the link to the forum topic is below - 

I'll send you a PM reference a saved file.  



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