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I fired the game up after not having played in a long time and when I access the campaign menu, none of the campaign titles show up. I see the boxes around each of them and can scroll through them but cannot read anything.



I get no descriptions for any scenario either, or anything for the battle or saved games screen



Same thing for my Fortress Italy and Red Thunder


Only my Battle for Normandy seems to be working properly

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I assume that you're running Windows 7 or later, is that correct ? Are you logging in with the same account that you used to install the games ? For all of the CM titles the 'game files' are stored within folders for the user account. If you login with a different account, the game may not be able to see those files (you wouldn't have 'permission' to see files for a different user). If this is the case I would guess that CMBN is installed somewhere where you have access to all of the files in the same directory.

If you are using Windows open the Windows File Manager and go to your account directory to look for the CM files typically at:

C:/Users/{your account name}/My Documents/Battlefront/Combat Mission

Within this folder should be sub-folders for each of the games which will have the saved games, campaign and scenario files. CMBN (with a default install) will usually be installed in the 'Battlefront' folder (and NOT within the 'Combat Mission' sub-folder) and ALL games files will typically be there.

If you're not finding the files in the above directory/folder, then you likely installed the game logged on with a different account. You would have to open that account (which may take awhile as permissions are written to the files/folders as you attempt to open the directory). Moving or copying the entire 'Battlefront' folder to your 'My Documents' folder in your account should get the games to see their files.

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