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A little question about mod tags.

If there was a campaign being planned about a unit which first fought in a country's regular army and later on got transferred into a Waffen-SS regiment, am I correct to assume that it would be possible to use mod tags for, let's say three scenarios, where this unit is wearing the regular army uniform and then three scenarios where it is wearing the SS-uniform? Or would that change of uniform not be possible within a campaign?

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I have never created a campaign, but I have used mod tags in scenarios. And it is my understanding that you would be able to apply a modtag to each scenario of a campaign separately.
So in my opinion it should be possible to change the uniforms during the campaign by changing the modtags of the individual scenarios.

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Allright. Sounds good. I'll probably make a two scenarios test-campaign first to see the result. And if it works out, I'll see if I manage to get the time to (feel like spending my time to) do the necessary research and make the necessary maps and uniforms to do this for real.

Thank you very much.

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