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Urban Combat

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1 minute ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

One tile surely? 

More is always better where the editor is concerned.....I've just started tinkering with CM:BS again and having 16 AI slots is great (but 32 would be better). ;)

Yep one tile/Action Spot.  32 AI slots would be very cool.

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9 hours ago, Erwin said:

This is true.  But in RL, would not a force end up doing much undesired destruction if the defense was really tough?  

Also, is it possible to assign so many points to a destroyed building that it wipes out the points gain for killing enemy.  If that is possible, this is "simply" an issue of the designer doing a better job figuring out the victory points allocations.

I think this is closing in on my thesis. The points weighting in current Urban scenarios seems weighted towards unit destruction, with some structure preservation. But that structure-preserve rarely gives sufficient background/points to force me to not ignore the structures as a larger priority than my tactical concerns.

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It's difficult to implement over large urban areas.....I've allocated fairly massive VPs** to the various urban blocks in 'Ashsh al Dababir' to represent civilian loss of life in the event of excessive destruction by the player, but they really do have to go totally & utterly mad (flattening multiple structures in each block) before the VP cost becomes significant.

** Flatten the lot, you lose.....No matter what else you do.  ;) 

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