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Finally I have completed An August Morning..

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After many many attempts and an awful lot of learning by doing (no real life military experience), I am proud to say that I have finally completed the first scenario 'An August Morning'...

It wasn't easy and I wish I had the time to write an AAR but the mission was so intense and I was so concentrated that I completely lost myself in the mission and forgot to take any screenshots.

Thanks to the information shared here and, after watching a few playthroughs on YouTube, I figured out a plan and positioned my MGs carefully so that they could provide cover while I sent in a split team of infantry to collect the documents. An earlier mistake had seen me trying to 'Rambo' my way through the scenario under the impression that I had to kill everyone to win.. and then the realisation that this was based on real world strategy and that the AI was smarter than I had expected and that my mission was only to get in, get the job done and get out alive... 

Regarding military tactics and protocol, I feel like I am drinking from a fire hose but I cannot wait for the next scenario..

A huge thank you to the scenario author and the developers for such a marvellous military simulator.




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I read that Pete removed a second launcher after complaints from the beta testers.. I found it hard enough with just one hidden unit.

I appreciate that artillery is not as accurate as laser guided munitions but I had a really hard time getting on target with my mortars.. maybe I was doing it wrong..

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@dark helix


Glad you enjoyed it, and finally got to beat it


This is the training film from my recruit days that was the inspiration for the mission. It obviously made a strong impression on me back in 1984 that I was able to remember it and then find it online. An August Morning was an attempt to recreate the situation shown and how hard it can be to find and overcome even quite a small force.

It's a just a shame I was not able to make the mission using British troops  !


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