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Best CM Game?

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Hey guys,


I currently own Combat Mission Normandy, Final Blitzkrieg, and Shock Force. I'm just wondering what your favorite game is? I haven't played Blitzkrieg yet, just installed it yesterday. But I loved Normandy and Shock Force.


Did Fortress Italy release after Battle for Normandy? And if you were to pick only one CM game to play for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

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You cannot delete your posts - or move them. I recommend that you either don't worry about it (a large number of regulars read all the forums) or post again in the general forum and not worry about that.

As for favourite I don't really have one. If I had to pick one forever it would be a toss up between CMBN or CMFI just due to content. So I guess CMBN since this is in the Normandy forum :D

And yes Fortress Italy did come after Battle for Normandy.

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9 hours ago, Bulletpoint said:

I'm going to risk controversy by saying CMBN is the best. Because it has bocage. Highly frustrating to fight in, but also makes for interesting tactical situations and puts more emphasis on flanking.

I concur, despite bocage!  :rolleyes:

If "best" is defined as being the only one you could afford to buy, then CMBN offers the greatest content for dollars spent.  Each game has a particular selling point.  If that particular selling point is not decisive to you, then CMBN will keep you happily occupied for a good long time.

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Depends on your personal interests. For me it´s warfare in NWE 1944-1945, so Normandy wins and Final Blitzkrieg is No.2 If we ever might get a module bringing FB to 1945 and integrating the commonwealth forces into it I´m perfectly set. Never had any deeper interests in Italy or the Eastern Front. 

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