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How about a new series of U.S. Vs. Russia in different theaters?

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Just spitballing, but @Saint_Fuller and myself once tried fooling around with the models and animations in CMSF - we were able to get the Black Sea animations working, but the way the models are done between CMSF and CMBS are too different for clean model ports, it seems CMBS models are broken up into different parts. I'm hoping that changes with CMSF2. If it does, we might make a wee port. Nothing to be done with the TO & E, but a small palette swap of the Russian digi to its arid variation and you might be able to sell the point. 

Tagging @Sgt.Squarehead because he may be keen to see this. 

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2 hours ago, Artkin said:

Lmao if thats true. Of course a few gunships would ruin your day. Funny read nonetheless.

that and the fact that there seems to be corroborating evidence.  Sounds more like someone decided to leak some info to further embarrass Putin.  He is learning a lesson that no one seems to get before they are in it to deep - don't mire your troops in a political morass unless you really do have an exit strategy.

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38 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

See what exactly.....The bush-whacking of Wagner, or the scenario type suggestions?

The latter is much more my cup of tea TBH, interested to see what you can make of your experiments.  ;)

The latter of course, you know me. If I wanted to needle you, I'd be more direct. As for the model stuff, we'll have to wait to see. I'm skeptical that they will change the models that much (in terms of 'moving parts'); though it would be great to see NVGs and radios and binoculars as we do in the modern stuff. Though if our hopes come true, we'll definitely fool around with it. Might make the Russians fit the 2008 timeline as well in terms of their gear.

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Don't get me wrong, I'm as interested to know what happened at Deir ez Zorr as anyone else, I've made some enquiries but not read anything particularly enlightening other than a FB post that suggests it wasn't by chance that quite so many US air assets were so conveniently on hand (including a BUFF).

Going back to the game stuff, I'm currently trying to get my head around what the aftermath of the official BF plotline in Syria would actually be (My OSIRIS concept).....AFAIK the official storyline makes no mention of the Russian presence at Tartus, which slightly complicates matters. 

Did NATO enlist Russian cooperation prior to their attack or did they overwhelm the Russian garrison?  I'm erring in favour of the former as IIRC the whole premise of the BF plotline is a response to terrorist attack blamed on factions said to be based on Syrian territory. (Russia has always tended to be helpful in the fight against terrorism**, as has the Assad regime, despite what western media might currently have you believe).

As was pointed out earlier in this thread (or possibly elsewhere), the game already has most of the tools we need, I'm no expert on mods (I know SFA about them TBH), but I'm sure a 'Beard Mod' for the Syrian SF would cover most advances on the UnCon front.....Sure they'd lose their (alleged) UnCon concealment bonus (I'm not convinced it actually exists), but once you start dressing like a stormtrooper that seems fair enough, beard or no beard.

** This being the fight against actual terrorists, not organisations designated as such because one power or the other doesn't like their politics much.

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I haven't given it that much thought; to be frank the actual scenario for SF has long struck me as border-line nonsensical. My usual opponents and myself basically long ago concluded it was the dev team's way of getting "Iraq 2003" but with the new formations and equipment (re.: Stryker) that just missed the conventional phase. Everything smacked of it: straight down to the campaign's structure. One could always tip-toe around that by creating generic force on forces, which I think is where SF shines. 

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It's a very flexible title, mostly because it was the first and had the most releases, but it still has some big issues (red occupy) that's for sure!

I've built core files and tested scenario concepts for both the BF & Semi-Historical storylines, TBH I'm not sure which I prefer, hypothetical is probably best in some ways, hence the OSIRIS concept, which is me doing more or less the same as BF but based on the historical aftermath of 2003. 

I like scenarios built using or set against UnCons, the thought of a unified Baathist/Islamist organisation like ISIS springing up with the full weight of two nations demobbed soldiery, plus all the foreign volunteers is dreadful, but it would make for some good scenarios. 

My further assumption is that we would be looking at an 'Iran Next' scenario.....The existence of OSIRIS in the border regions might well be used as the excuse for further US/NATO incursions along the lines of the 'Seven Nations' plan described so eloquently by Wesley Clark. 

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