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CMx1 Please Don't DIE!


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I love playing the CMx1 titles more than the CMx2 titles.  I have all the CM titles, but CMx1 just pleases more.  Not because of its war time coverage (which is appreciate), but it has better play aids all removed for CMx2.  

However, my previous PC died, but okay, my CMx1 play in on an older PC than that!  But CMx1 will not run on my newest VR ready PC, heck, even the license program won't run (regardless compatibility setting).  However, I FEAR one day my old PC will die and CMx1 will be taken away from me forever more.

I would pay full price again to get CMBO, BB, and AK all updated for newer system and driver support, even add wide screen (but not a must), just some work to let the series run on newer systems.  And before the business model gets thrown at me, I have plenty of older war game favorites that do not deter me from buying newer titles (Panzer Campaigns, Steel Panthers, etc.).   I will continue buying all future CM titles, CMx1 ownership did not stop from doing that, even though I was still playing it after CMx2 purchases.   I play them both.

I've waited years to see if it would ever be done and looks like it is not going to happen.  But I'm still playing CMx1, maybe not for too much longer when my really old PC dies, but I'll request just in case it means anything at all.


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If your Old Rig dies, then purchase another similar Old Rig on Flea-Bay to play your CMx1.

Examples: I use to own a Dell D810 (ATI-600 Video), and Dell D830 (Nvidia 140 Video) Core2 Duo Laptops to play CMx1, and along with a Dell Desktop OptiPlex 755 Core2 Duo to play both CMx1 & CMx2 with no problems...Now, I just own a Dell Desktop OptiPlex 790 i5 Quad Core to play both CMx1 & CMx2 (thou, I don't play CMx1 much anymore).

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18 hours ago, J Bennett said:

I have all CM1 titles and all the WW2 CM2 ones. IMO  CMAK is the best of all time.

We seem to be in the minority about this.   But, it is really puzzling considering how much enthusiasm there is for CMSF and CMSF2.  The terrain, weather, large relatively featureless maps are the same whether one plays modern or WW2 era.  

What I love about CMSF and miss about CMAK are their maps that were much larger than a typical CM2 map as the lack of terrain features make a huge map easier to run on most computers.  It meant that one could have much more highly mobile engagements instead of the almost WW1-type infantry-emphasized slog one gets in all the other CM2 WW2 and even CMBS titles.

I loved all the econ vehicles that the Allies and Axis had.  They are not that useful in most CM2 titles.  But, were very useful on a large desert map.  I think that many people who have not been in a desert think of it as a flat featureless boring terrain.  But, CMSF and CMAK has shown that desert terrain can be just as interesting as Euro-centric.


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