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Playing as the Axis in a standard 1939 campaign - no modifications

  • I took Moscow.  Russia did not surrender and the Russian capital moved to Sverdlosk
  • I took Sverdlosk. Russia did not surrender and the Russian capital moved to Novosibrisk
  • I took Novosibrisk. Russia did not surrender but the Russian capital disappeared and the Russian flag is not displayed on any city on the map. Novosibrisk now displays a German flag exactly the same as the one flying over Berlin.  It is now two turns past that event and Russia is still fighting.

How do I get Russia to surrender?

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Losing the capital isn't the only necessity for having a country surrender, as there is a calculation once the (last) capital is lost that is based on the number of units remaining.

So if the Red Army still has a force in the field then a delayed surrender is a possibility, but if you can whittle it down then their surrender shouldn't be too long in coming.


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