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Does the game cheat?

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I'm playing as the allies on default difficulty settings and I suspect that the game cheats. Some examples are:
* Japanese infantry doing amphibious assaults then attacking twice.
* Units disappearing from Taipei and then reappearing on the Chinese mainland - I've tried doing operational movement from there and the game won't allow it for me.
* German economy showing saved MPP of 890 in mid-41 despite having a mega army deployed on USSR borders and also doing well on the research front (+2 subs and aircraft).
I don't mind if it cheats for play balance  as long as I know it's happening.  Unfortunately the Axis AI turn moves so fast that it's difficult to see all of these things in detail and find a smoking gun.

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I can't speak for the German economy as that would require knowledge of the AI's turns in depth, though you may be able to gauge something from the Reports screen.

But for the first two I suspect there is a rational explanation because I've never heard or seen of bugs that would cause either behaviour, and the game hasn't been updated in a while so I'd like to think that we'd have spotted/had reported such things before now if that were the case.

Things might be happening so fast that some of what is happening is out of sight, as it's certainly not a deliberate part of the code that the AI can cheat in any manner like that.


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