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CMBN - Panzerjager Battalion in Editor. Correct?

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I was messing around in the editor on the weekend and noticed the following:


The purchase screen on the left for the Panzerjager Battalion appears to be completely different to what you get on the right. Just raising to check if this correct or some bug that's been introduced. (Not a OOB / TOE expert). I haven't checked other titles or German armed forces branches.



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I am not 100% sure if the naming changes are expected and I am also not sure if the available troops list should have shown a breakdown of the company or the flak entry. The differences are not really there - just in naming and the level of detail.

Available Troops                                        Activated Troops

Headquarters Team                                   Headquarters Team

Kubelwagen Multipurpose Vehicle          1 Multipurpose Vehicle (Kubelwagen)

1st Company                                                1Battery (Sturmgeschutz)

Antitank Company [Medium]                    2 Company (Antitank [Medium])

Flak                                                                3 Company (Flak [Light])


So the available troops list does show what you are going to get but it does not show the details on the battery or flak company contents and for some reason the name changes between Company and Battery. That probably should not happen but it is really doing the right thing.

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