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The Engine 4 and improves of online games

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I was just wondering does the new Engine 4 improve online gaming in Combat mission series?

Me and my pal have tried to play CM:FB TCI/IP match againts each other but not with great success. If we tried to play within the game, we can not even connect (tried it both ways). Then we have tried with different 3rd party softwares, like Hamachi, and we can connect the but the game is very laggy or freezes.

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To my knowledge the 4.0 Engine does NOT improve TCP/IP play. There is nothing different with this engine in regards to TCP/IP connectivity or stability over the previous 3.0 Engine.

Since individual machines are hosting the gameplay (rather than some large, high-speed, well connected server), there are bound to be some limitations on how fast data can be moved between the host and clients (despite having a high speed home internet connection). You may want to limit yourself to smaller battles and maps since a lot of data has to go back and forth. Larger battles and maps may generate a bit too much data for the game to be stable and lag-free over most internet connections available to the public.

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