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Reshade Graphics Post-processor

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8 hours ago, 37mm said:

As I understand it, this does not happen on either the earlier games or CMSF2... something about the tree models in the WW2 games (& CMBN) is fundamentally different.

However, I very rarely use MXAO (or indeed any of the depth based effects) as they don't work with 'movie-mode'... which I'm a big fan of.

One of the things I like to do is set a bloom (either pirate or magic) on a very high threshold. Done correctly, it will act as both a bloom & a more fps efficient 'ambient light' effect.

Thanks @37mm that makes sense. Could you post your shader preset that you use for the WW2 games? 

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I said I'd make an illustrated guide, and I did!  Hopefully it helps some of those who were asking me about it   Step Zero is to download the Reshade distribution at the bottom of the page here: 

Greetings, I recommend everyone to take a look at this, to see how a good post-processor can improve the look of Combat Mission (and many other games): The link to ReShade: https:/

I repost my comment from the RT screenshot thread, where I adressed this problem.   I just installed it and have got it running. I haven't played with the shaders, but with two out of the bo

On 8/27/2019 at 3:32 PM, 37mm said:

Thank you! @37mm

Indeed I was able to get the translucent foliage issue to disappear by using the Advanced War Movie shaders, which seem to disable MXAO. One thing that is a bit off-putting is the degree to which metal reflects light to the point where the entire front of an AFV can turn white at certain angles.

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I do recall that sometimes the reflections are a bit too much with vehicles (and some helmets... I especially recall issues with the SLA helmets mod).

I'm a (little) bit more experienced with reshade these days... so I imagine something like the clarity effect could help with that.

Thinking about it further, one could probably recreate the "movie mode" effect with reshade alone (presumably curves would be a good effect to start that with) but I tend to be a creature of habit.

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I got a perfect installation using herr tom's instruction and his shaders but cant figure out how to get the depth settings. also shift +f2 does not work for me and have to use home to get the tutorial. in settings I don't get any settings other then screen shot hot keys etc. the game looks fine otherwise but nothing earth shattering yet. thanks tom for the effort.

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