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Here's a significant announcement for all your SCWW1 gamers out there:


The short of it is that SCWW1 is now published and supported by Slitherine.  This is part of a long planned for transition of all Strategic Command products over to Slitherine.  Hubert, Slitherine, and Battlefront came up with a very easy way to move you with minimal inconvenience and maximum support.  As enthusiastic supporters of these fine games year after year, you deserve nothing less.

Battlefront was explicitly started nearly 20 years ago to support superior quality wargaming.  While the specifics of how best to achieve that has changed over time, the mission remains the same as ever.  We thank you for your past, present, and future support of the fine work coming out of Fury Software!  We've truly enjoyed and valued the 16+ years of partnering together.

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