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Bridge Bug - Tanks Falling Off Bridges...

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... again.

An old one but still alive a kicking by the looks of it.

Unfortunately a smokescreen lifted a little too early and one of my tanks was pinged on the bridge. Not destroyed but crew dismounted. The traffic jam behind them decided to try and go around the dismounted vehicle and proceeded to drop down into the river below.


Anyone need a save file I've got one.

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Cheers Ian.

It happened again further into the mission whe some Sextons got into a traffic snarl and one dropped down into the drink. Same spot as the Shermans at the 'end' of the bridge as they tried to exit back onto dry land.

Sadly, quite a bit of reloading of saves had to happen in this mission to get through it. Given there's only one path over river for the vehicles the bug sort of dictated the scenario. :( Still a good challenging mission @JonS .


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Sorry to be a pain but I think my campaign run has completely bugged out. A 4.0 Upgrade problem?

Final mission of the campaign. Briefing says I'm meant to have my replenished Armoured Squadron and advance forward over a series of objectives. Load up the battle and I have a grand total of about 3 tanks plus some Stuarts and Crusader AA's carried over from the last mission. I know the mission is only meant to be a probe but seems way off for the scale of the map - and re-reading the briefing it talks about a full squadron. Missing something?


Many thanks.

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Bridge issue aside, these sound reminiscent of redundant mod material that's no longer recognised by the updated game code. There were many reported issues with this back with BN version 1 and 2 if you recall. I think the problem could also arise (again historically) if the player updates/patches the game in the wrong order.

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