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Problems with Hotkeys after 1.04 patch


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Hi!! After the 1.04 upgrade the game changed very important hotkeys that I use a lot such as : TARGET (T) (after the update therer's no hotkey assigned for this command) and TARGET LIGHT now is T. I'm rly confused about this new set of hotkeys. I try to find the hotkey.txt but there's no such file, only one with this name : Previous_hotkey.txt (with the old commands) that I try to rename to hotkeys.txt with no sucess.

Is there a way to fix this? thx in advance!!! 

CM Black Sea_2017-12-05_19-53-49.png

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Something similar to this happened to me in CMRT. First, go to your options, then controls, and make sure it is set to what you want it to be set to. If it isn't, set it to the control scheme you want and you should be all set. If it is set to the scheme you want, and resetting it to that still doesn't fix the problem, then you can manually rebind the keys by clicking on them, then hitting the desired key. 

For me, it was my face command and target light command that had funky hotkeys. Doing what I stated above fixed my issue. Hope that helps. 

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