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Need Help with Demo

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I'm currently trying to play the Demo for Combat Mission: Fortress Italy, and when I launch it through the little launcher program it runs, nothing happens. The launcher closes, and the game does not launch.


I'm on windows 10, and can play Battle for Normandy, Black Sea, and Final Blitzkrieg.

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You may want to add an 'exception' within your security/anti-virus software for the CMFI Demo executable file. It's possible that it is being shut-down by your security software. However most security programs would also try to 'quarantine' such executable files, which would involve moving the executable file to somewhere else on the hard drive (possibly a hidden folder) and that would usually result in an error attempting to launch the file and for Windows to 'start searching' for it.

The CMFI demo should be pretty much the same as the Normandy, Black Sea and Final Blitzkrieg when it comes to system requirements or permissions. However it is possible for security/anti-virus software to detect something different in each (leading to a 'false positive' - where a file appears infected but actually isn't).

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I was thinking of getting the CMFI Big Bundle now that RTV has been released, so I d/l the demo and tried to launch it but the above happens (hit Launch and it just goes back to desktop).  I have went in and added the demo .exe in exceptions in Win 10 firewall settings, still doesn't work.  I don't use any other virus software.  I also checked and nothing is running in the task manager list.  Ideas?


EDIT:  if anyone else runs into this, I had to add the file to the allowed list in the security settings under ransomware protection (I have it enabled).  Runs fine now.

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