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Gentlemen I've decided to invest some of my time to work on some modifications to this wonderful game. I've decided to modd all blue nations what are represented in this game. Furthermore, I'm planing to mod on weapons, armor, maps and scenarios. My very first mod is a modification of Ukrainian standard uniform, gear and skins. I was inspired by one rare( so far ) camo pattern created in Ukraine few years ago - Varan pattern. So far its was used by VDV forces, Marines, and ukrainian soldiers of Lithuanian–Polish–Ukrainian Brigade what has its HQ in Lublin/Poland. So this camo pattern is interesting because it was made specifically for Ukrainian terrain. Afterwords I was thinking about uniform itself. I was insipired by Ukrainian made uniform called "Mabuta Mk 2" from P1G-tac. Obviously it is not complete copy of it but I took my insparation from that uniform. Why? Because in 2014 Ukrainian hero (fallen hero unfortunatly) - colonel of Ukrainian special forces (reconnaissance) Vyacheslav Galva was wearing that uniform. Moreover, years earlier he was helping to develop and then test that uniform. Now this uniform is being used by Ukrainian Special Operaions forces, Marines, and some VDV units. Overall it is a great uniform made for long term combat action and produced in variety of camos including Varan camo pattern. 

For this specific mod I reworked (and added 6 more) all those standard face skins, all the gear was retextured, I reworked backpacks and radios. By the way I took my radio insparation from Harris Radio Stations what were sent to Ukraine by the government of the United States in the very begining of the conflict as military support. Those stations are still in service and 3 years since war took place Ukraine is already producing its own stations. In further mods I will make more touches on details like this in order to give you some background related to my choice. Furthermore I've reworked helmets and footwear. If you will take a close look on those boots within the game you will see that it is not an import of american boots, but reworked and retextured model with uniqe and perfectly new features. I've also added some gloves, and other little touches to this uniform. While making this mod it was hoped that players will use this new "standard" camo for special forces and well experienced squads in their quick battles. Why? Because I'm planing to rework Digital uniform. Im planing to make Digital uniform as mass uniform and this one as a special forces/high experienced units uniform. 

 General look on this uniform: EcpAFjM.png


Reworked radio bagpack: ugZpw5i.png


MG team in position: sa8V5I0.png

Link to Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ihrc0segympbd8f/AADdFCTHhpV4DZzVUp_8sLo1a?dl=0

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1 minute ago, Erwin said:

These are wonderful. Thank you...

There are a total of two downloads, one is a zip of everything, the other is a .brz of everything. Is that correct?

Are there more coming, or is this all?

Yes sir. Moreover there will be additional nation added into the Blue team ;) But it will take some time for me) 

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First Weapons Mod of mine: KM-7,62: lChQzZj.jpg


Reasons to create this mod: Ukrainian Armed Forces are using few types of 7,62 mgs. One of them represented in this game is standard soviet made pkm. Yet, Ukraine is also producing its own analog/alternative/replacement to pkm. Its called KM - which is short from [kulemet; mayak]. Basically it is the same mg with few changes and improvements from standard pkm. It is easier to tuning, its parts are all black and it has slightly different mags. 

With this small mod of mine I was also wanted to deliver certain thing what is being used more and more now a days - and those are mag holders/pouches etc. 

Such as these: 5hVdB1l.png



and these: iXf9R8t.jpg

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Instructions for instalation: simply download "pkm" folder and put it into your "z" folder within you game derictory. 

Alternative way of instalation: download "brz" file and place it into your "z" folder withing your game derictory. 


download folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ylhfnb4nbrpnemu/AAByPoQHvySn6QJxXfsR7A_Ra?dl=0

download BRZ File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/53hs9fmsgundiag/KM-762.brz?dl=0

I hope that you guys will enjoy this little tactical touch.

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Gentlemen now my mods are avaliable on CMMODSIII website. I will be keep on posting my upcoming mods here but you can also download them from that website. The cool thing about that spot is that it allows me to actually update those mods to different versions. Thank you for your feed back and support. 

Link to my uniform mod: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=5283


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Following mod was inspired by sniper warfare what is going on right now in Ukraine. Basically speaking all imaginable sniper systems are being used there at the moment. Yet, good old SVD rifles are still massively in use. In order to adapt to new laws of modern wars - marksmen are oftenly tuning their rifles. First thing is first - paint. Meaning that snipers are covering their rifles with different paint in order to hide all the wood (if being used) and metal parts. 

Here some Examples: E7b4ePN.jpg


So I did pretty much the same - I've painted Ukrainian SVD in Ukrainian Steppe Toad camo pattern. 


Link to download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oxvaiwonirgabis/Oleksandr-CMBS-Weapons-SVD.rar?dl=0

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Just now, Erwin said:

Nice effort.  However, the wood parts are obviously still wood-looking.  Is that a problem to mod?

My idea behind it was to make it look like it was painted but not made of that camo color. Yet I was also thinking that wood can came through. Same was with metal details - barrel is still got that metal thing in it. You would like to see its completely painted or like it is right now? I actually figuring out how to make several types of painted SVD's withing this game so that one would be lets say in MTP, another in Steppe, then tan, then black. If you would like to see it completely painted I can make it solid color. 


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