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Inside the Russan Army.

Peter Cairns

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Found this site and thought this was an article that would interest people.

tends to reinforce the view of those, like me, who think that behind the arrival of things like the T-14/15 there is more wrong than right.

worth reading through other articles to. You might not agree with them but they do represent an alternative source of information.


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Peter Cairns,

Shall have a look--provided I remember! A fine site in any event. I believe it would be useful to read the following books.

Inside the Soviet Army by Suvorov/Rezun (author commanded both a MRC and a Tk Company)

The Threat by Cockburn

Weapons and Tactics of the Soviet Army, Second Edition by Isby

The Decline and Collapse of the Soviet Military by Odom

The first three were all written during the Cold War. In fact, David Isby covertly went to Afghanistan with key people from the way cool/notorious Soldier Of Fortune magazine. when the Soviets were battling the muj. Odom's book was written later, when things began, first, to show cracks. then start to come apart, before ultimately disintegrating outright.


John Kettler


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