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Customers helping Customers!

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This is a place where you can help each other through some of the most common technical issues such as licensing hiccups, video card specific performance tips/tricks, OS specific quirks, etc.  This really is your best resource since there's a LOT more of you than there is of Battlefront staff :D By and large nobody from Battlefront regularly engages in discussions here, however Testers often stop by to lend a hand.  If they spot something that needs an official answer they will bring it to our attention.

If an issue raised here doesn't seem to have an easy answer, head on over to the Help Desk ( link here) and check out the Knowledge Base.  If your issue is not solved here or by checking the Knowledge Base, then file a Ticket with the Help Desk and we'll do our best to help you out in a timely manner.

Remember this Forum is for true TECHNICAL issues only.  If you have game play issues you should post in the CM2 General Discussion area as they aren't considered Tech Support problems.  Similarly, if you think something specific to the content of a Family needs to be looked at, head over to one of the Family specific discussion areas and talk about it there.  There really is a big difference between these types of support and it's in everybody's best interests to keep them separated.

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