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Tank rider bug

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I ordered an eight man Russian SMG team, and a two man HQ team, to mount a T34/85, that was moving fast towards its final waypoint.

When the tank stopped, the HQ team mounted, but only seven of the eight man SMG team mounted, while one man in the team ran all the way to a friendly corner of the map over 200m away.

Once he had reached the corner, he ran back again.

While this was happening, I followed him with the tank to see if he would mount it.

He ignored the tank, and ran back to the spot his team were at when they mounted, and then stopped.

Once I drove my tank back to him, he mounted successfully.

The whole process took numerous turns, and was very annoying.

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I just had a look at the turn when it happened and I have to make some corrections to my earlier post.

The individual soldier ran 1000m to the friendly map corner, and back again.
The tank had been stationary before I ordered the mount command, but I wanted it to move forward in line about 20m or so, so I gave it a fast move order, with a 20 sec pause command.
So, the SMG team was mounting a tank with a fast move order, to start after a 20 sec pause.

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Should not affect things. I regularly give move orders to vehicles that I intend infantry to mount that turn. Say a vehicle is 300 meters away. Rather than wait for the infantry to hoof it I will have the vehicle meet them.  It has not caused any issues for me.  If they are in the middle of mounting a vehicle at the start of a turn I may give the vehicle a pause to allow them to mount and then move,  that also never gives me an issue. 

I don’t think it invalidates the bug you found. Ticket is in. Thanks again bangers for hanging onto the saves. 

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