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yeah but the question might be when and if they settled on it as the target.  You might have seen a kill the following turn, but if they had started on one target and it shifted in and out of site they may have not targeted the stationary one before they ran out of time to fire within that turn.

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This article confirms Wicky's cool down time, though it notes that in really hot environments, such as Baghdad, it's a bit longer. This article apparently first ran in National Interest. In it's combat debut, Javelin scored 17 hits from 19 missiles fired from four launchers crewed by Special Forces working with the Peshmerga. One kill was at 4200 meters--way past the official range of 2200 meters. If Wiki's to be believed, there is a later version which can reach 4750 meters, which is a kilometer more than TOW 2B can go! Was at Hughes when the first great TOW breakthrough came after engineers had figured out a way to add 750 meters more range to TOW's existing 3000. Great was the elation!


Is it possible that the reason the Javelins aren't engaging in the scenario described in the OP is one of self-preservation? Can Javelin fly a pop up profile at 150 meter range? If not, is the target Arena equipped? Might the AI logic decide not to shoot in DF mode vs such a target? Don't know the answers, but these seem to me to be reasonable questions.


John Kettler

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On ‎11‎/‎1‎/‎2017 at 5:02 AM, Erwin said:

"One kill was at 4200 meters--way past the official range of 2200 meters."

It occurred to me why they would even attempt to fire at that distance.  Wonder if it was actually a test of some kind.

I read an account of that action. It was a pretty desperate time for the US guys. Iraqis had 'em. The Javelin was brand new and one guy on the team had been trained on it. By "trained", he was shown the controls, given a manual, and then they were given a bunch. As the Iraqi mech company came at them, they grabbed the Javelins and launched right away.

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@John Kettler @MikeyD

It finally happened a 2nd time...and this time I remembered to take a screenshot!

This is a radio operator from a 3 man FO team who performed  "medic" and recovered the Laser Designator(even though he still cannot call in fire!).

Any clue as to why the game program does this, even though he is not permitted to use that equipment??


Screenshot 2017-11-22 13.07.08.png

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He knows it's very valuable and that leaving it behind would mean that Yuri's widow would have her benefits docked for the cost? ;)

PM me with your email address. I'll send you a dropbox invite and you can upload it there. 

(I don't know if that's working as designed, or a bug. I can make arguments either way. As usual. :) )


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Just tried a test to see if I could replicate Scouts not using Infantry Javelins from the original scenario. It worked fine for myself.

Scenario - Rollin' on the River. WeGo Iron mode.

This scout has picked up a Javelin from an Mechanized Infantry Stryker.

The scout fires at a BTR, distance ~360m.


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