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yeah an issue with bridges....

as to the Germans mindlessly charging.  There is only so much you can expect from the AI.  If you think it isn't presenting a challenge play a human. ;-) Serious fun there and a lot more tense.  The AI on the attack is pretty limited.  It only really has a chance if it way outnumbers you or has units you have difficulty countering - Think King Tigers in the open.

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On 27/9/2017 at 11:53 PM, Miller786 said:

Also are the germans supposed to just mindlessly charge my paratroopers and get mowed down from every direction? this seems a common theme for every mission that involves british paras, or maybe im just too good for this game :D

It's a common theme for all missions that involve having the computer attack you.

The solution is to only play missions where you are on the attack, or play against a human opponent.

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