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Opponent Wanted

Jim L.

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Looking for a PBEM game.  I have CMBS and BSBP1.  No preferences as I am new to this game so keep that in mind.  Tried the Blitz and got no takers.  Signed up for Few Good Men several days ago, but haven't been approved so not sure what's the deal with that.  We Band of Brothers doesn't seem to support Black Sea.  So this is my last shot I guess until The Blitz announces another scenario of the month.

I have played PBEM in the past, namely Campaign Series and CMx1, but that was almost a decade ago, when I used to send turns zipped via email.  That being said, I do have a Dropbox account, but no PBEM helper program.  Anyways, I would like to get back into playing a live opponent, but I'm having trouble finding one.



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