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Zapad 17, Russia shows its latest weapon systems

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The Russian media is also showing its main weapon system ;) - disinformation.


"ST. PETERSBURG, September 19. /TASS/. Rumors of a fire attack on a group of journalists that allegedly happened at the Zapad-2017 exercise has been dismissed by the Western Military District as a falsehood and provocation.

Earlier, some media claimed that a Ka-52 helicopter accidentally fired missiles at spectators near the Luzhsky proving ground near St. Petersburg."

Still though I suppose its very good to see the Alligator can light up civilian vehicles during a CALFEX. I suppose I won't grumble about the one in a PEBM missing all its targets by 200m, evidently it is an accurate representation!

Oh and of course, how could I leave out how their own military commanders undermining attempts to dodge the Vienna Document:


"In Zapad-2017, Russian Airborne Troops have not been declared as an integrated part of the exercise, while Colonel-General Andrey Serdyukov, the force’s commander, publicly admitted that his headquarters and three Divisions – the 76th Guards Air-Assault, the 98th, and 106th Guards Airborne Divisions and, probably, the 45th Guards Reconnaissance Brigade (no fewer than 19­–20,000 troops altogether), would all take part in the manoeuvres.

On their own, inclusion of these troops would be enough to trigger international monitoring, since their numbers are above the 13,000 mark. However, the Kremlin has not uttered a word on this."


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The weapon systems seems to work fine. Its the aiming device that seems to need an overhaul :D

And media is a strong weapon. In Sweden public media is very left/communist. And has been so for a long time. But most people know that. And the leftparty, as they are called. After changening the name, from "Left Party the Communists"  has only 6-9% of the votes of today. But they control the media unfortunatly.                                       

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My perception on the S-8 incident is that EM interference from Leer-3 and tigr (P-230T command vehicle) caused an involuntary electrical discharge of a number of S-8 rockets. The fuses didn't arm and what we saw was fuel exploding, thus the low amount of casualties.

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Very hard to believe a GSM control truck triggered an on-target rocket launch. It strains credulity. That vehicle (the Leer 3) is meant to control up to a pair of drones which can spoof cell phones into using the drones as a cell towers. (Manta Ray???)  I'm sure the vehicle can output some GSM signals (as well as the drones), but I'd think the vehicle is meant more as a link to the drones rather than a GSM cell. The antenna mast could probably provide a clue. ;)

Not much frag damage to anything. Some chunks, sure, but no frag.

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Good catch. You can also see the ПР  launch authorization pop up for a fraction of a second. To launch rockets you need to have the authorization (computer telling you the target is in range) and hold down the fire button for about half a second.  The pilot must have great reflexes!

Concerning regardless that the fire control is so susceptible to what sounds like relatively minor EW.

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