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Exhaustive article on ISIS VBIEDs

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Noticed this in the sidebar on the WoT forum FTR, and I'm glad (or am I?) I did. Have spot read only small pieces of this extraordinary piece of meticulously documented research, which has lots of pictures and other supporting graphics. The author, Hugo Kamaan, a Swede blogs about Syria and Iraq. If this is typical of his work, then I hope the Intelligence Community is reading his site! There is a real VBIED shocker in here, too.




John Kettler

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Only just discovered it JK, certainly looks interesting to me.  B)

@LongLeftFlank @Combatintman & I have frequently discussed the range of vehicles used as VBIEDs in the Mosul campaign, we'd all like to see more options.....Perhaps a new vehicle condition 'VBIED' could be added to certain vehicles (Trucks, BMP, T-55 etc.), giving them the same (humongous) blast as the current VBIEDs, at the expense of their weaponry/stores/passenger capacity (and or turret if it wouldn't be too complex to implement).

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